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Make your home a hay fever free zone

Dealing with summer allergies indoors

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Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more long periods of dry, hot weather. As our summers heat up, unfortunately for us hay fever sufferers, so do our hay fever symptoms.

Allergy UK’s helpline reflects this trend, having seen a rise in calls that are reporting an impact on mental and physical wellbeing due to sufferers experiencing worse hay fever symptoms than normal.

90% of hay fever sufferers have found their symptoms impact their concentration levels and, with a greater number of us working more from home since the pandemic, it’s vital that allergy sufferers can have as comfortable a living place as possible.

You can stay indoors to beat the heat, but like an unwanted visitor pollen will still invade your home. Even a Keep Out sign on your door won’t do it. Pollen can easily be transported into the house through open windows or on your clothes and pets’ fur.

Easing summer hay fever symptoms indoors

Allergy UK have put together some top tips to relieve hay fever symptoms inside the house:

  1. Try to keep your windows shut. If you’re sweltering, then the best time to open a window is during the day when the pollen count is lower.
  2. Clean the house regularly (better get that cleaning rota in place…)
  3. Hoovering can really help. Make sure you vacuum fabric-covered furniture twice a week and use a high efficiency air filter vacuum for the carpets.
  4. Exterminate dust mites by washing your bedding weekly, and your curtains every three months at 60°C.
  5. Dust, pollen and pet skin get stuck on your clothes easily, so reduce exposure to them by shutting your wardrobe doors and drying your clothes indoors.
  6. Take a quick shower when you get home to wash away any pollen from your skin and hair.
  7. Your pets won’t thank you, but keep them off your sofas, chairs and out of the bedroom.

All content and advice is provided on behalf of Allergy UK


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