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The Tale of Kleenex®


The Kleenex® Brand's story began during the First World War when Kimberly-Clark developed a crepe paper used as a filter within gas masks.

In the early 1920's, that very crepe paper innovation was cleverly adapted into a consumer product called Kotex® Brand which helped women with their periods.


Following the times, Kimberly-Clark changed the product's composition making it thinner and softer and re-naming it Kleenex® Brand.

In 1924, Kleenex® Brand tissues began selling in the USA as a cold cream and makeup remover, later launching in the UK the following year.


In 1929, Kimberly-Clark's head researcher was suffering from hay fever and started using the tissues in place of his handkerchief.

This idea really took off and sales doubled in the first year.


Through the 1950s and 60s, Kleenex® Brand tissues went Hollywood, letting out the secret that famous stage beauties used Kleenex® Brand tissues to remove cold cream and cosmetics each night.


And the innovations continued...

Kleenex® For Men Tissues were launched in 1956, followed by the Kleenex® Travel Tissues which launched in 1983 - these are now known as Kleenex® Pocket Packs.


Moving into the 1990s, Kleenex® Ultra Soft Tissues were launched giving consumers a little everyday luxury. This tissue was also the perfect product to be included as part of a beauty routine, such as removing make up.


The public was then introduced to Kleenex® UltraBalm Tissues in 1996, now known as Kleenex® Balsam Tissues.

These were the first tissues to contain a micro-fine layer of calendula to help prevent your nose from becoming red and sore.


The ones we know and love as Kleenex® Collection Cubes have been around since 2013.

The Kleenex® Collection Cube allows you to have a touch of the latest design trends in your home, and have even celebrated popular events like the Queen’s Jubilee.


Kleenex® Water Fresh Wipes™ were the first product innovation from the brand since 1996. These wet wipes are made with the gentle cleansing power of water so you can stay feeling fresh anytime, anywhere.


In March 2020, the Kleenex® Brand created a range of products to provide relief to the 13 million allergy sufferers in the UK. Kleenex® Allergy Comfort™ products are designed to provide comfort to allergy symptoms and are safe to use around the eyes.

Kleenex Proactive Care Range
New Proactive Care™ Range

The role of hygiene has now become an important factor in everyday life. Kleenex® has now launched a new range of products including hygiene face masks, antibacterial hand sanitiser gel, hygiene hand towels and antibacterial water-based wipes to help reduce the spread of germs and provide a touch of comfort that's always by your side.

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