Scare Away the Germs this Halloween

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Spooky season is back!

Last year’s lockdown meant that kids across the country weren’t able to trick or treat for Halloween, as we needed to stay inside to keep our loved ones safe. Now, with the lifting of restrictions, families across the country are dusting off their broomsticks, unpacking their capes and bubbling their cauldrons ready for the big day!

Halloween is the perfect time of year for families to enjoy quality time together, with many activities to keep busy and fill their world with magic. And this year, whether pumpkin picking, trick-or-treating, costume creating or telling spooky stories about ghosts and monsters – there really is something for everyone.  

However, this also means lots of messy hands – from baking sweet treats to carving pumpkins at home, to trick-or-treating and grabbing sweets from neighbours’ cauldrons, pumpkins and bowls. This year, therefore, good hand hygiene is paramount.

To help families focus on the treats rather than tricks this Halloween, we’ve pulled together some advice for keeping hands clean, and treating the monsters (germs) mean.

  • When on the go and knocking on neighbours’ doors to give them a fright – remember to pack a hygiene travel pack to also scare those germs away. The Kleenex Proactive Care range, which includes antibacterial hand gel, face masks and antibacterial wipes, will help you and your family stomp the streets with confidence – just tuck them under your vampire cape for easy reach!

  • Halloween isn’t Halloween without the pumpkins, but they are messy! Whether you are carving a masterpiece for your porch or preparing mum’s best pumpkin soup, use antibacterial wipes to clean any sticky fingers and faces.

  • When trick-or-treating make sure everyone has their own bag to keep their sweet treats in, rather than sharing one. Or, if you are planning to welcome trick-or-treaters at your door, choose sweets that are individually wrapped or pre-packaged this year to limit germ-spreading.

  • If trick-or-treating with other children and families this year, pack your hand sanitiser to use after any hugging, handshaking, or spell-performing, to limit the spread of any potential germs.

  • If you are looking to combine ‘safety’ and ‘scary’, why not make your mask  part of your costume. Take inspiration from your favourite horror films and get creative – from the Joker to the Cheshire Cat, vampire fangs to a scarecrow smile – there’s lots of ways to decorate your mask to give friends and family a real fright!

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